some common errors
some common errors 

1.    Another is one word .     (not an-other)

أ ي أنها كلمه واحده                                          

Ex : can I have another cup of coffee .


2.    After would rather , use an infinitive (without to) or a past tense , not a present tense .

Ex :I would rather stay at home this evening . (not I would rather to stay at home……..)

        I would rather you paid me in cash .(not I would rather you pay me in cash .)


3.       Use an –ing form after be / get used to .

Ex : I am used to driving in London now, but it was hard at the beginning .(not   I am used to drive………..)

        I will never get used to living in this place


4.       Don’t use could to talk about something that you succeeded in doing .

لا تستخدم   للحديث عن شئ نجحت في القيام به (could)

       Ex : I managed to run 10 km yesterday in under an hour . (not I could run …)

               How many eggs were you able to get ? (not you could to get .)


5.       Everything is a singular word .

Ex : Everything was broken . (not every thing were broken .)

        Is every thing ready? .

6.       Use because or so, but not both together .

أي إستخدم كل واحده منهما على حده ولايس معا على حد سواء

Ex : Because the train was late , so I missed the meeting .

        The train was late so I missed the meeting .

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