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Exam of English

The Text

The Sleeping Beauty

        Once upon a time, there was a King and a Queen who eagerly wished to have a child. One day, while the Queen was bathing, a frog crept out of the water and told her that she will soon have a baby. Eventually, the Queen gave birth to a very pretty girl. For this occasion, the King ordered a big feast and invited the twelve good fairies for dinner.

 All the fairies came to the party among them Caraboss, the bad fairy who wasn’t invited because there were only twelve golden plates and cups.

           After dinner, eleven fairies gave magic presents to the baby princess and forecasted nice things for her future. However, Caraboss said that this little princess will in her fifteenth year,  prick her finger with a spindle and die. The twelfth fairy whose wish still remained said that the princess will not die, but she will sleep for one hundred years.

            When Beauty was 15, she  pricked her finger with a spindle and fell dead. Everyone went to sleep. So, the princess and all the people in the castle slept.

             After 100 years, a young prince came to find the sleeping princess. At last, he came to the tower and opened the princess’ room where Beauty was sleeping. As soon as the prince kissed her,  the princess opened her eyes and awoke. Finally all the people were brought back to life. The prince married the princess and lived happily ever after.

Part One  (14pts)


A-Reading Comprehension  (7pts)

        1-Read the text carefully and answer the following questions  (2pts)

                       -How long did the princess sleep?

                       -Why wasn’t Caraboss invited?


       2-Match the people with their corresponding activities

                -The King                                               -pricked her finger.

                -Caraboss                                              -awoke the princess.

                -The princess                                        -ordered a big feast.

                -The prince                                           -made a bad prediction

3-Lexis: What do these words mean? Choose the correct meanings a,b or c(2pts)


              -gave birth means:   ………….

                                                   a-had naturally a baby

                                                   b-adopted a baby

                                                   c-raised a baby


              -forecasted means:  …………………

                                                    a-wished something bad

                                                    b-imagined something unreal

                                                    c-predicted something for the future


             -a feast means:  ………………….

                                                     a-a carnival

                                                     b-a large meal

                                                     c-an anniversary


             -brought back to life means: ………………….

                                                     a-put in deep sleep

                                                     b-returned to life



B-Mastery of Language  (7pts)


    1-Rewrite the following passage into the future  (2pts)


          -Beauty slept for 100 years. Only the young prince could awake her.


   2-Complete the following passage with the suitable relative pronouns (3pts)


                    Where   /    who     /    that    /   whose    /   whom 


         A story is a series of events …………. can be true or imaginary. Brothers Grimm…………. were best known for their fairy tales wrote the most famous ones such as: Cinderella, Snow White and The Sleeping Beauty. Story books are available in libraries ………….. children can read and be amused.


     3-Classify the following words according to the pronunciation of their


vowel sounds  (2pts)

                                        Fell   /   have   /   but   /   and


/ /

/  /








Part Two  (6pts)


Situation of Integration


     Brothers Grimm are the world’s most famous story writers. They wrote hundreds of lovely tales for children and they will forever be remembered for Cinderella, Snow White and so many popular stories

Use the table below to write a short biography of the eldest brother Jacob Grimm.


Name:                     Jacob Carl Grimm

Date of birth:       January 4th, 1785

Place of birth:     Hanau, Germany

Occupation:          famous scholar and story writer

Father’s job:         lawyer

1802:                       go to university   /    study law

1812:                       publish the first book of fairy tales

1816:                      become a librarian

1863:                      die in Berlin






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