The weather

The weather  -  The seasons


What's the weather like ? Quel temps fait-il ?


To know what the weather will be like,
people usually watch the weather forecast
(prévisions météorologiques) every day on TV.


Summer : l'été
Cloudless : sans nuage


Warm : Chaud


The glass points to set fair : le baromètre est au beau fixe
It's sunny.
I need my sunglasses.
In summer there is more sunshine and the weather is warm.
The sky is cloudless.
Usually in summer, the glass points to set fair.


Spring : Printemps


Raincoat : Imperméable


Cloudy : nuageux


it pours : il pleut à verse


"it rains cats and dogs" : il pleut des hallebardes


soaked to the skin : trempé jusqu'aux os


a shower : une averse


a rainbow : un arc-en-ciel
It's raining. I need to put my raincoat and my boots on.
I also need an umbrella.
Spring usually is a rainy season in Great Britain.
The sky is often cloudy.
When it pours, people say that "it rains cats and dogs".
If you don't put your raincoat on or have no umbrella, you'll be soaked to the skin.
When there is a shower and sunshine at the same time, there is a rainbow in the sky.


stormy : orageux


To run for shelter : courir se mettre à l'abri


Lightning strikes : la foudre frappe/tombe


a flash of lightning : un éclair


a clap of thunder : un coup de tonnerre


It's stormy.
I need to run for shelter because it is dangerous when lightning strikes.
Thunderstorms happen often in summer, when the temperature becomes oppressive.
When there is a thunderstorm, you can see flashes of lightning and hear claps of thunder.



windy : venteux

autumn (or fall) : l'automne (fall est plus couramment employé aux USA)


dull : gris, triste


the wind blows : le vent souffle


cool and damp : frais et humide


A leaf (pl. leaves) : une feuille (d'arbre)
To whirl : tourbillonner
It's windy.
In autumn (or fall), the sky is often cloudy and dull, and the wind blows.
The weather is cool and damp.
But to contrast with this sad weather, the leaves of the trees turn to beautiful colours : brown, red, yellow, orange.
Unfortunately, the leaves fall off the trees and whirl about on the ground because of the wind..


Winter : Hiver


It's snowing : il neige


a scarf : une écharpe


a glove : un gant


a hat : un chapeau/un bonnet


snow : la neige


frost : le gel


mild : doux


snowflakes : des flocons de neige
It's snowing.
The weather is very cold.
I need to wear a scarf, a warm coat, gloves and a warm hat.
You can see snow in winter.
In some countries, winters are very cold and there is frost when the temperature is under 0°C.
When the weather is mild and the sky cloudy, it can snow. The snow falls in flakes.

When the weather goes into a rage

Quand le temps se déchaîne


A hurricane : un ouragan


A flood : une innondation


An earthquake : un tremblement de terre


A blizzard : une tempête de neige


An avalanche : une avalanche



Match the items on the right to the items on the left.



Match the items on the right to the items on the left.

It''s sunny
It's stormy
I's snowing
It's windy
It's raining









Match the items on the right to the items on the left.

What do you need if you want to ski ?
What do we call the grey things in the sky that we see on a rainy day ?
What do you call a mixture of smoke and fog ?
What is the name for small pieces of ice falling from the sky ?
What is the name for a short period of light rain ?
What do we call the electricity in the sky during a thunderstorm ?
What do you get if you lie in the sun too long ?
What is the sound you hear after seeing lightning ?
What is the name for heavy rain with thunder and lightning ?
What do we call pools of water on the ground after it has rained ?
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