Homonyms and similar

Homonyms and similar sounding words

Homonyms are two words that sound like each other but have different meanings.  Many people make mistakes with them.  Here are some common homonyms (and 4 word that are not homonyms but are very similar.)  Check the meanings and the spelling.  Be careful when you read and write these words.


1a.  here-  in this place.  Please come here.

1b.  hear-  using your ears to listen.  Do you hear that?

2a.  capital- this has a few different meanings.  One means a big letter in the alphabet. (Example- ABC, not abcDon't forget that Chicago begins with a capital letter.

2b.  capitol-  the place where the government resides.  The capitol of the United States is Washington, D.C.

3a.  they're-  they + are.  They're from Canada.

3b.  their-  something belongs to "them."  This is their car.

3c.  there-  in that place.  The park is over there.

4a.  won-  past tense of win.  We won the basketball game.

4b.  one-  the number 1.  I have one son.

5a.  two-  the number 2.  I'll have two hamburgers, please.

5b.  to-  this has many meanings.  One means "in the direction of."  I'm going to South America.

5c.  too-  also.  I want to go, too.

6a.  lose /looz/*-  a verb.  When you can't find something.  Did you lose your money?

6b.  loose /loos/*- an adjective.  A few different meanings.  One is when clothing is too big.  These pants are really loose on me.

7a.  dessert /de 'zert/*-  food that is eaten after  a meal, usually sweet.  We are going to have apple pie for dessert.

7b.  desert /'de zert/*-  a place with few plants and animals.  It usually has sand or dirt.  Have you ever been to the Sahara desert in Northern Africa?

These words are not homonyms.  They do not sound exactly alike.  Check your English dictionary if you are not sure.

Questions and Answers

Choose the correct word.  Try to answer the questions without looking back

1.  Look, there/their/they're is the capital/capitol of France on the map.

2.  Did you here/hear that Jeffery is coming, two/to/too ?

3.  Jennifer and Dan went to the dessert/desert with they're/their/there friends.

4.  I won/one a game of tennis and then I drank two/to/too coca colas.

5.  I want to lose/loose weight.  I want this sweater to be lose/loose on me.

6.  Did you here/hear about the new teachers?  There/their/they're coming here/hear today.

7.  You should always use a capital/capitol letter to begin a person's name.

8.  He always eats won/one piece of chocolate cake for dessert/desert before going two/to/too bed.

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