Pronouncing Contractions

Pronouncing Contractions

Pronouncing Contractions

Many people who speak English as a second language feel uncomfortable making contractions.  But to really sound natural in English, it's important to say these words correctly.  Can you do a good job?

Listen to these...

I am = I'm  /aim/

you are = you're  /yur/

he is = he's  /heez/

she is = she's  /sheez/

we are = we're  /weer/

they are = they're  /ther/

And now these...

I will = I'll  /ail/  (also sounds like aisle)

you will = you'll  /yul/

he will = he'll  /hil/ or /heel/

she will = she'll  /shil/ or /sheel/

we will = we'll  /wil/ or /weel/  (also sounds like wheel)

they will = they'll  /thel/

Please note:  it is more common to use full words when we write and use contractions when speaking.







Check Your Understanding

Listen to the following sentences.  Check the words you hear.


1.  ___ happy to see you.

     A.  I am
     B.  I'm

2.  I hope ___ come.

     A.  she will
     B.  she'll

3.  ___ are over there.

     A.  They are
     B.  They're

4.  ___ be right back.

     A.  She will
     B.  She'll

5.  I think ___ at school.

     A.  he is
     B.  he's

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