What is your type of hair ?
Hair can be dry or oily.
Oily hair is often accompanied with oily skin.
The over secretion of oil makes the scalp and hair getting oily.
Hair looks greasy.
Your hair can either be shiny or dull.
To have beautiful shiny hair, a balanced died and careful treatment must be followed.
Dull hair is often due to a careless treatment or bad health.
Hair need shampooing in order to wash, cleanse or remove all dirt or other impurities from the scalp and hair by the process of shampooing.
The selection of the shampoo should depend upon the hair type : there are shampoos for dry hair, for oily hair, or against dandruff.
Some people have thick and curly hair while some others have thin and straight hair.
Thick hair generally gives volume.
Hair is either thick, medium or thin, and can be straight or curly.
Thanks to hairdressers' techniques, people with straight hair can have curly hair, and vice-versa.
This technique is called a perm.




hair (sg) cheveux (pl)
oily (or greasy) / dry hair cheveux gras / secs
dandruff / anti-dandruff shampoo des pellicules / shampooing anti-pelliculaire
scalp cuir chevelu
dull / shiny hair cheveux ternes / brillants
shampoo shampooing
to shampoo one's hair se faire un shampooing
to give somebody a shampoo faire un shampooing à quelqu'un
shampoo-in hair colouring shampooing colorant
kinky / wavy ondulés
straight raides
curly frisés
thick / thin (or fine) épais / fins
to perm permanenter
permed hair cheveux permanentés



What is the colour of your hair ?
There are several types of hair colour (US : color).
Nowadays, thanks to the modern techniques, you can dye your hair whatever colour you want.
Natural hair colours are :
dark, a dark-haired man, a dark-haired woman or a brunette brun
blonde (US : blond) / fair  (adj : fair-haired, blonde)
strawberry blond
peroxide blonde
blond vénitien
blonde décolorée
red (adj : red-haired) roux
brown, light brown / dark brown hair châtain, des cheveux châtain clair / châtain foncé
grey (US : gray) gris




hair dye teinture pour cheveux
to dye one's hair se teindre les cheveux
to dye one's hair red se teindre les cheveux en roux
tinting / dyeing coloration / coloration permanente




What is the shape of your face ?
It is important to choose your haircut or hairstyle taking the shape of your face into consideration.
The skin tone is also very important.
Your hairdresser can give you some advice to choose the most appropriate hairstyle for your face.
The shape of your face is either :










Haircut / Hairstyle
Haircut styles are often related to a trend.
Either short hair is in fashion, either long hair.
Fashion hairstyles often follow the season.
For example the trend in the summer will be short hair with a bright colour.
We talk about hairstyle trends.


a trend une mode, une tendance
fashion la mode
a haircut une coupe de cheveux
to get a haircut se faire couper les cheveux
a hairdo / hairdressing une coiffure
hairstyle coiffure / coupe de cheveux
a hairdresser / a hair stylist un coiffeur
layered dégradé
to have a crew-cut avoir les cheveux en brosse
long / short hair cheveux longs / courts



Hair tools
a hairdrier (US : a blow-dryer) Un sèche-cheveux
to dry one's hair se sécher les cheveux
clippers / scissors (s'utilisent au pluriel) une tondeuse / des ciseaux
a comb / to run a comb through one's hair / to comb one's hair un peigne / se donner un coup de peigne / se peigner
a hairbrush une brosse à cheveux
hair gel / hairspray du gel, du spray, de la laque
curling irons / flat-irons un fer à friser / à défriser
to have one's hair curled / straightened se faire friser / défriser les cheveux
hair rollers des bigoudis



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