Classroom Expressions "For English Teachers
Classroom Expressions

Every effort should be made to conduct the language class using the target language extensively. The following list is by no means exhaustive but permits students to communicate effectively and carry out classroom routines.
In preparing this list of classroom expressions, we have opted to place into groups a number of expressions, we have opted to place into groups a number of expressions. Certainly, they do not necessary fall always in that category. They are so categorized for easier access. The list is by no means exhaustive. It is, nevertheless, a good start. Teachers may wish to illustrate some of these expressions and place the illustrations and the text on the bulletin board as a constant reminder and as an aid to learning.


- Good morning.
- Good afternoon.
- Good-bye.
- Hello.
- Until tomorrow.

Formulas of Courtesy

- Please.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Excuse me.
- I beg your Pardon.

Warm-up Period

- What's your name?
- My name is …..
- Where is (name of student) today?
- Present. / Absent.
- He/She is ill.
- Come in!
- Close the door.
- Open the door/window.
- Turn on/off the lights.
- Erase the backboard.

Inquiry questions

- What's this?
- How do we say ( word ) in ( target language ) ?
- How do you spell ( word ) ?
- Use the five "W"s: Why? What? Where? Who? When?

Classroom Management

- Are you ready?
- Quiet/ Silence!
- Distribute these sheets.
- Collect the test.
- That's enough!
- Pay attention.
- No talking.
- Listen.
- One at a time, please.
- Stop talking to (name of student), (name of student).
- Faster/ More quickly.
- Stand up.
- Sit down.
- Read quietly.
- Read aloud.
- Louder.
- Come up in front of the class.
- Go back to your seat.
- Line up here.


- Excellent!
- Very good!
- Bravo!
- Good!
- Well done!
- Correct!
- Perfect!
- Great!
- Terrific!
- Congratulations!


- Repeat after me.
- All the boys.
- All the girls.
- All together.
- Everybody.
- For example…
- Close your notebooks.
- Close your books.
- Is this clear.
- Do you understand?
- Look at the blackboard.
- Look at the screen.
- Answer the question.
- Look at the bottom of page…
- Look at the top of page…
- Look at the middle of page…
- Once more…


- copy down the examples in your notebooks.
- Open your notebooks.
- Open your books.
- Open your books at page…
- Turn to page…
- Open your workbooks at page…
- Write.
- Continue…
- Repeat once more.
- It's ( name of student ) turn.
- Go to the blackboard.
- Write the answer on the blackboard.
- Go back to your seat.
- Choose a partner.
- Play the role of….
- Look it up in the dictionary.
- For homework, do exercise…

Students' favourites…

- May I sharpen my pencil?
- I don't have a pencil.
- I forgot…
- I don't remember…
- I don't know.
- I left the book in my …
- I can't hear.
- May I get a drink of water?
- May I go to the bathroom?
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