The very first teeth we have are called milk (or baby) teeth.
They fall between 6 and 10 years old and leave space to the definitive teeth.

To avoid dental problems, people must brush their teeth after each meal

Children are taught as early as possible not to eat too many candies and to brush their teeth everyday.

When you suffer from a toothache, you need to go to the dentist to check if a tooth is damaged.

Dental care

When a tooth has been broken or damaged by decay or trauma, your dentist will put a crown or a bridge in your mouth.



A bridge is attached to protect weak teeth from breaking or to restore broken teeth or cover dental implants.



A crown is used to cover teeth with large fillings or when there aren't enough teeth left.


When you have a decayed tooth, your dentist will treat it with a filling.



Teenagers sometimes have braces or a brace to align their teeth and have a better dentition.

When people grow older, they often lose their teeth and have to wear dentures.



Dentist equipment

When you go to the dentist's, he makes you sit in a chair which goes up and down.
Above the chair, there is a big lamp which helps the dentist to see your teeth better.
Next to the chair, there is a little washbowl in which the dentist makes you spit during the care.

When he treats a patient, the dentist always wears a white coat and a mask.


The dentist uses a syringe when he has to anaesthetize the mouth in order to treat a tooth.


What people fear most is when the denstist drills a hole in a tooth with the drill.


A tooth / pl : Teeth

A toothache

une rage de dents

To have a decayed tooth, to have a cavity

avoir une carie

A filling / To have a filling done

un plombage / se faire faire un plombage

Braces / A brace

des bagues / un appareil dentaire

A denture / dentures

une prothèse dentaire / un dentier

To brush one's teeth

se brosser les dents

A crown

une couronne

A bridge

un bridge

A milk tooth

une dent de lait

A wisdom tooth une dent de sagesse

To teethe

faire ses première dents, percer ses dents


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