farm animals


Farm animals

  Les animaux de la ferme


What do I look like What do I do in everyday life What language do I speak



A cow : une vache

A calf (pluriel calves ) : un veau

The cow gives milk. 
The farmer milks (to milk : traire) the cow with his hands or a milking machine (une trayeuse).
Dairy produce (les produits laitiers) is made from the cow's milk.
An ox (pluriel : oxen) : un boeuf
Oxen are bred for their flesh (Nota : The meet coming from the ox is called "beef").
A bull : un taureau
We are horned animals (bêtes à cornes).
Together, we constitute the cattle (le bétail), or a herd (un troupeau de bovins).
We often stand in a pasture (pâturage) and like grazing (to graze : brouter)
The cow moos or
To moo, to low : meugler
Moo ! : Meuh !




A sheep (pluriel sheep) : un mouton
A lamb : un agneau

A ewe : une brebis

A goat : une chèvre

A billy-goat : un bouc

When gathered together, we sheep constitute a flock (un troupeau).
The flock is looked after by a shepherd (un berger).
I have a beautiful fleece (toison) which the shepherd shears (shear / sheared / shorn : tondre) every year.
With the milk the goat and the ewe give, man makes delicious cheese.
The sheep bleats
To bleat : bêler
Baa ! : Bêê !



A horse : un cheval


A mare : une jument


A colt : un poulain


Men like to ride on my back.
I can be a racehorse (cheval de course) and make competitions or a draughthorse (cheval de trait) and work in a farm.
I live in a stable (écurie).
I have a thick mane (crinière).
An ass, a donkey : un âne
A mule : une mule


The ass or donkey, or the mule are said to be stubborn (têtu)
The horse neighs
To neigh : hennir
To bray : braire
Heehaw!:Hi han!


A pig : un cochon (américain : a hog)


A sow : une truie


A piglet : un porcelet
Pigs live in a pigsty (porcherie).
Pigs are voracious animals.
The sow suckles (To suckle : allaiter) its litter of piglets (portée de porcelets).
The pig grunts
To grunt: grogner




The poultry : la volaille
A cock, (américain : a rooster) : un coq
You can recognize the cock by its high comb (crête).
Every morning at sunrise (lever du soleil), the cock crows (faire cocorico).
A chicken : un poulet
A hen : une poule
Hens lay eggs (to lay eggs : pondre des oeufs) and then they brood (couver). Then a chick comes out of the egg.
A chick : un poussin
A goose (pluriel geese) : une oie
A duck : une cane


A drake : un canard


Ducklings : canetons
A turkey : une dinde

A guinea fow : une pintade

We live in a henhouse (poulailler, bâtiment) and a chicken-run (poulailler, enclos).
Geese, ducks and drakes are in the pond (la mare).
The hen cackles
To cackle: caqueter

The cock crows

To crow : faire cocorico

Cock-a-doodle-do    Cocorico !



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