Indirect speech

Situation : 'Last week you went to Brenda's birthday party and met a lot of old friends; 

Here are some things that some of them said to you : 

At the party :


Now you tell Peter what your friends said :


Bob : ' I am not really happy.'

am  >   was

Bob said that he was not really happy.

Kate : ' Mum is retired.'

is  >   was

Kate said that her mum was retired.

Jane & Sam : We are going to travel round the USA.'

are  >   were

Jane and Sam said that they were going to travel round the USA.

Lucy : ' I have to find a job.'

have  >   had

Lucy said that she had to find a job.

Andy : 'My brother has found a new job.'

has  >   had

Andy said that his brother had found a new job.

Jim : ' I can't sleep well.'

can  >   could

Jim said that he couldn't sleep well.

Steve : ' I will tell Dr Brown about that.'

will  >   would

Steve said that he would tell Dr Brown about that.

Mike (to you ) : 'You look a bit tired.'

look  >   looked

Mike said that I looked a bit tired.

You (to Mike ) : ' I feel all right.'

feel  >   felt

I said that I felt all right

Maggy : 'I don't like champagne !'

do  >   did

Maggy said that she didn't like champagne.

Sue & Dan :' Phil doesn't work well at school.'

does  >   did

Sue and Dan said that Phil didn't work well at school.


To make sure you can make the difference between 'SAY' and 'TELL', see the exercises about it.

You can say :

He said that he was not really happy     or      He said he was not really happy /

Maggy told me that she didn't like champagne     or     Maggy told me she didn't like champagne /


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